"Immediately after the soul retrieval I felt different. I felt a charge dance through me and as if I were really in my body. This was amazing onto itself because along with the depression I felt like I was walking around half a person. The week following the retrieval I felt the parts returned to be alive and well. In little ways they were making themselves known to me daily and it filled me with the light and contentment that I was missing. An example of this is, one of the parts returned to me is my toddler self. In a few days I found myself watching cartoons and painting, which I haven’t done in years. To this day I feel the effects of the retrieval. I feel I’m no longer a scattered puzzle, there is still work to be done but I feel more complete than I have in years. Working with Kristen was such a pleasure. Not only because she is a pleasant person but because she has a gift and a gentle approach to her work that makes it all the more powerful. I look forward to working with her again."

"Thank you for the amazing Soul Retrieval session today. I came to you because I entered this new year with uncertainty and a feeling of still being stuck in the past year and now I can not claim that as true; Instead I feel a shift that is gently pushing me forward. I feel like something has been lifted off of my body leaving me lighter with more balanced energy and able to breathe more deeply. I still have to process all the things that came up today but I'm glad to know what was holding me back and to have reconnected with lost parts of myself which I had forgotten or long ago turned away from. I'm really looking forward to continuing the healing process and to taking actions that will help me meet the goals I set for myself (they no longer seem overwhelming!). THANK YOU KRISTEN, you are amazing!"

"Hey Kristen - shortly put, YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Thank you SO much. I am in awe and gratitude of the work we did together. I feel the best I have felt in years, and learning to use my sacred NO is incredible. Thank you. I'm eternally grateful for you."

"Yesterday was simply the best spiritually healing day for me I've ever experienced. I can actually relate to the spiritual parts that you brought back to me. I kept thinking about the part of me when I was three years old. I kept welcoming that beautiful three year old boy back home. I kept thinking about how kind and gentle you described your actions were when you returned that part back to me. I felt a whole lot of love from you and the spirits who participated in my soul retrieval process. During the session I couldn't exactly interpret what was going on--but during your explanation of how you and the spirits interacted and aided my spiritual self, it was so overwhelmingly profound and health giving to my soul. I also feel that the benefits affected my physical, mental and emotional outlook and abilities. I'm very sure about the difference I feel. I feel like I'm ( much more ) whole as a person. I feel complete and calm and more sure of myself to my core. I feel that anything that I choose to do will be more purposeful and even more meaningful. My choices will lead me to more and more success in the days to come. I feel a great sense of hope and self-assuredness for the future."

"I am so glad I chose to work with Kristen because she is blessed with an innate gift to do this sort of work. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to gain back their power, be whole again, and to not only survive, but thrive and exist in the way that you were always meant to exist."

"During my first session with Kristen, we worked on clearing the trauma that stemmed from my childhood growing up in an abusive environment, and taking back my power from my ex. Immediately afterwards, I felt a sense of aliveness that I hadn't felt in 20 plus years. She literally gave me back to myself and made me feel whole. I began attracting a different type of men - men who I felt safe with. I was now able to open my heart and trust again. And because of this, a great man came into my life who is everything I have wanted in a partner."

"Immediately after the soul retrieval I felt a profound sense of relief; it was undeniable that part of me had come home. I was elated on the way home that night and remained in very high spirits for weeks. I have since been able to handle the stress in my life in very productive, constructive manners. Months later, I feel like I am able to make healthy decisions with much more clarity and I have rediscovered interests and hobbies that I had forgotten about (from the same period of my life in which one of the returned soul parts broke off!). Kristen's services were shockingly effective, and her demeanor is professional and warm. She makes you feel totally at ease, even if you aren't sure that it will work. I'm convinced!