Are Your Ready to Take Your Healing Practice to the Next Level?

Soul Retrieval is an ancient healing modality used by indigenous cultures all over the world for centuries, and if you ask me, the practice has stuck around as long as it has because IT WORKS!

Take it from me, I've studied multiple modalities like traditional psychology, creative arts therapies, dungeon drama therapy, holistic nutrition and have dabbled in other holistic modalities like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic techniques, energy balancing, medical intuition and Reiki...

And soul retrieval is STILL my favorite and most powerful tool in my healing arsenal kit!

In fact, I believe in Soul Retrieval so much so, mainly because it completely CHANGED MY LIFE, but also because I've seen it change the lives of clients and loved ones by helping them overcome huge life obstacles and GET THEIR POWER AND PASSION FOR LIFE BACK.

I've carefully been crafting an in-depth Soul Retrieval Course Training Program for anyone who's already helping clients in a professional or holistic practice. Soul Retrieval is a GREAT tool for practicing psychotherapists, holistic medical professionals, health coaches, life coaches and counselors or anyone who's ready to take their helping practice to the next level through the integration of shamanic healing tools.

In order to qualify for this Intensive Training Program you'll have to first complete the following prerequisite courses. These courses will allow you to have a strong foundation in shamanic journeying and with the professional tools to ensure the success and safety of your growing soul retrieval practice. This is sacred, powerful and meaningful work and I take it very seriously and know that after these preliminary trainings, you will too!

  • Introduction to Shamanic Journeying- This course covers the shamanic basics and is FOUNDATIONAL for the Soul Retrieval Course Training. Once journey work comes naturally to you, you'll be able to advance to more specific shamanic healing techniques. To learn more about this course, check out our next live training HERE.
  • Power Animal Retrieval and Embodiment Workshop- Connect with your guides and power animals and learn how to retrieval a lost one for someone else. To learn more about this course, check out our next live training HERE.
  • Healing Through the Chakras- The Chakras are an important tool to understand when it comes to approaching healing work. Healing Through the Chakras: Mindfulness and Creative Arts Therapies provides a firm understanding of the psychology and related affects connected to each chakra and is a key element to understand in my specific approach to Soul Retrieval. To learn more about this course, check out our next live training HERE.
  • How to Protect Your Energy Training- This course is crucial for learning to protect your energetic field, practice space, home, and self from any unwanted energies. I wouldn't send my students out into the world without it! I created this one because the most common question from students and clients is, "How can I protect my energy?" This is for you. I got you and want you to feel safe! This course is currently in it's creation as an online stay tuned!
  • TCM and Shamanic Approaches to Protecting Your Energy While Working with Clients: Tools for Grounding and Protecting Yourself as a Healthcare Professional- This training is geared towards professionals in practice and gives them tools to keep themselves, clients, and healing spaces safe. To learn more about this course, check out our next live training HERE.
  • Single Soul Retrieval Session- Last but not least...You get a healing of your own! This will help you understand the power and integration process of this ancient healing modality. What better way than to get a healing for yourself! When you sign up for a session please let me know you are interested in the full Soul Retrieval Training. To sign up for a healing session CLICK HERE.

The next soul retrieval training is TBD (probably in the Winter/Spring of 2018). I am currently running the live prerequisite courses now, many of which will later be available as online courses through the Shamanatrix Institute for Healing. Check out the individual links for each course to learn more!