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BOGO Valentines Day Special Feb 1st through March 14th

BOGO Valentine's Day Special

Have you ever wanted to know the past life connection you share with your sweetie? Or do you just want to clear old patterns around love and relationships so that you can fully receive the abundance of love in your current affair? Does you partner want to clear their blockages to love you more fully too? Do you want to love, grow and heal together?

If your answer is YES, then it's TIME to take advantage of my BOGO Valentine's Day special. Bring you and your sweetie in for a couples soul retrieval session and get back the parts of yourself, and your sexy thang, so that there's more to love in your relationship!

Usually individual sessions are $150 each but this month (and two weeks into March) I'll be offering two for one sessions. Don't have a significant other? I LOVE YOU ANYWAY. Bring a friend or family member and you get the same deal! Book with me today @ Happy Valentine's Day!

Note: You and your loved one must be present in the same session (or back to back long distance) to qualify.