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Shamanic Journeying through the Chakras


Shamanic Journeying through the Chakras

Have you ever eagerly set New Year’s Resolutions just to find yourself let down two months into the year because you weren’t able to achieve the goals you’d set out for yourself? Did you notice that it wasn’t so much about reaching your goals that was so challenging as overcoming the blockages, excuses and obstacles that came up in your path? Well this year you have the power to create the year you want by clearing out those blocks and coming into your creative power.

You see, it’s hard to move forward with the momentum you need to create new patterns and projects if you’re blocked somewhere along the way. These blockages aren’t just the outside forces that re-route us from our path, these blockages start within us and then show up as reflections outside of us to remind us that we’re still internally blocked. Because it’s all connected. Yet, when we’re able to heal the blocks we have on the inside then we can eliminate the pesky forces that pull us off our path and flow easily towards our goals. And who doesn’t like easy?

Join us on Thursday, January 12th for a transformative and experiential journey through the chakras where you'll:

  • Discover the power these awesome energy centers have in store for you

  • Set intentions for what you’d like to create this year

  • Find out where you’re blocked and why

  • Bring in healing to transform that blockage

  • Learn the powers of shamanic journeying for self healing

  • Meet a new spirit guide to help you reach your New Year’s Resolutions goals

  • Journaling, art making and community support
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