Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man, dating back more than 40,000 years. Indigenous peoples on every continent had their own version of shamanic practice influenced by their culture and environmental surroundings. The belief that every plant, animal, and being has its own soul is a common shamanic belief and much shamanic healing work is focused on addressing concerns about the soul. Shamanism is compatible with all religions and complements other energy and spiritual healing techniques well.

What is Soul Retrieval?

Shamans believe that if someone had suffered a trauma, hardship, or tragedy that a piece of their soul would leave or become “stuck,” not knowing where to go or how to return after the trauma. Soul loss can manifest in many ways, including: depression, anxiety, loss of vibrancy, loss of energy, feelings of unworthiness, lack of direction, heartache after loss, or just simply feeling like an event took energy out of you or a feeling that something is just plain missing. Many people experience blockages as a result of soul loss, such as a heart blockage where they find it difficult to open their heart to love themselves or others, blockages in speaking their truth or standing in their power, or blockages from creativity and self expression. When a piece is missing, it is the job of the shaman to help the client retrieve the energy and vitality connected to the lost soul part. Bringing back pieces of the soul can help one to gain back power, energy, passion, excitement, courage, soul’s purpose, direction, joy, compassion, drive, and a sense of peace and wholeness. Soul retrieval can also release one from patterns of unwanted thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and can liberate them from repeating individual and family patterns (i.e.: abandonment, abuse, depression, etc).

But don’t I already have a complete soul? How can a piece of me be missing?

Everyone has a pure and complete ‘over soul,’ or ‘higher self’ that exists in its purest form on the spiritual plane. However, on this earthly plane, life can be hard and when we are faced with challenges we often lose bits of our energy or brightness. Soul loss is a defense mechanism that helps us to survive through trauma without having to carry all of the feelings and memories. Often times we will forget some terrible things that have happened to us as a way to live past them. A part of us dissociates or leaves as a way to protect us. Yet, after the trauma is over, it’s important for us to have our energy returned so that we can be whole. Soul Retrieval DOES NOT bring back trauma, instead it brings back the energy that we lost due to the trauma, which helps us to face life more fully.

What does a Soul Retrieval session look like?

Each session is approximately 90 mins long and completely unique to you. Your life experiences are different than anyone else’s so each session is different and organic. First we set intention for the healing. It’s good to know what you would like to heal or work on, whatever that is (i.e.: to become more grounded, confident, playful). Some clients tell me a story of what happened to them- a moment when they felt they lost something or began a pattern; others may present me with a blockage they are working on removing. I can work with as much or as little information as presented with. Whatever healing you receive will be based on they work you’ve been doing in your life and what you are presently ready to receive. (For example, someone who is not aware of sexual abuse may not get a soul part related to that event right away if they are not ready for that healing or aren’t even aware of that trauma. The pieces that return are always returning to help and only when you are ready for them). I also have a large focus on clearing negative energies and attachments during my work. I clear out what is not fully belonging to or serving my clients and bring them back their purest energy and essence.

After we set intentions I create a one of a kind ceremony using vibrations from song, rattles, bells, and drums to call in lost soul parts. An altered state of consciousness is induced through steady drumming, deepening brain wave frequency to theta (deep mediation state). This state induces visions necessary for the healing. While I call back my client’s soul parts, he or she relaxes in quiet meditation. The soul parts are returned to the client as I blow this energy back into their heart. Afterwards I hold space to process the visions and healing with my clients.

I work intuitively and sometimes I am guided to speak out loud during the sessions, lay stones on the body, or do over the body ‘reiki’ style healing. All sessions are organic and I am very communicative about how I feel led to move the session.

Note: Long distance sessions are equally as powerful as those done in person. The client will call to discuss the intentions and then we will disconnect for 30-45 mins so that I can create the healing ceremony. During that time the client will meditate. When the healing work is complete I will call the client back and we will process the session together.

What can I do to prepare for the session?

Prepare an intention. You can have one or two concerns that you’d like to address per session because the more focused the intention, the more powerful the healing. Often times many soul parts come back for each intention so it is best to keep it simple. You may bring a notebook and pen or a recording device to the session for your own records. Modern phones have recording apps. Please be prepared (and know how to operate the recording app) before you arrive.

Also, many people ask if they should wear something specific or eat a certain way prior to the session but really it doesn't matter. As always, I'd advise to eat healthy foods and be hydrated before the session (because basic nourishment is always important!) but what you eat is up to you.

What can I do to integrate the healing work afterwards?

Journaling and mediation are wonderful ways to deepen the healing. The key is to form a connection with the soul parts that are retrieved and learn from them how to best integrate their energy. Having quiet time after the session is also useful. Some clients like to go to the park, take a bubble bath, or journal at home afterwards. Be gentle on yourself and notice how your energy moves.

Also, it's important to be kind to your body before and especially after the session. I suggest to arrive and remain sober for the entire day so you can be present with your feelings, sensations and self.

How many sessions are recommended?

The number of sessions that you receive is up to you. We live in a world where life challenges arise at one point or another and it’s indefinite as to the amount of soul loss one has experienced. I recommend at least 3 sessions, although some people experience great shifts with one or two. Some people continue to work with soul retrieval every couple of weeks or months to continue deeper healing.

What shifts can I expect from a healing?

The results of soul retrieval are different for everyone and the energy you receive in the healing is unique to your life experience and the intentions set for the session. Some of my clients feel shifts happen during the session and when their soul parts are blown back into their bodies, while some don’t feel changes until the following days and weeks. Most clients report that within 2 weeks they can more specifically pinpoint the shifts that have occurred. Because most of your soul is intact, the pieces that return are often subtle and may take a little while to reintegrate.

I’ll share that one piece that I had returned to me took 9 months to fully surface. It took that long for me to settle into a healthy relationship where that part of me could fully express herself. When I noticed the shift it was huge and changed the way I related to partners and received love in relationships. It took a while to reintegrate but when it did there was no doubt that it was link to the previous soul retrieval!

Some common responses I’ve found with clients are feelings of fullness or heavier weight in their bodies, described like there’s something ‘more’ there. Some people feel lighter afterwards, playfully and silly, energized, and emotional while others feel really tired and introspective after the session. Often times people’s eyes will brighten and they’ll notice waves of new confidence, alertness, and presence within. Some people find that pleasant memories of things in their childhood begin to surface. If cord cutting is present or one’s power is retrieved from an old lover, friend, or family member, they will often find that person reaching out again almost immediately after the session. I’ve also seen some clients have waves of intense emotions return to them if they had been numbed out to appropriate emotional responses in the past. Any reaction that appears intense subsides in a few days once integrated. It just may seem strong because in some cases clients have gone 50 years without feeling certain things!


Case Study:  Judy

An example might be Judy, who went through a long and hairy divorce. She had relinquished her power to her husband because she thought that he would take care of her, just as her family had taught her that men are supposed to take care of women. After the divorce she found it painfully difficult to make her own decisions and to stand up for herself. She felt lost and confused because she didn’t know what she wanted for her life anymore. She was feeling heartbroken by the loss of partnership and was finding it difficult to love others, especially herself.

Part of Judy’s healing included returning pieces of her heart and power that she had given to her husband during their marriage. We also had to heal the false belief that as a woman, she needed to give up her power to men in her life. We returned parts to her from her childhood who felt like they weren’t able to stand up for what they wanted and who expressed her true sense of self. She had relinquished her power to her father, giving up her will, direction, and the authentic path that brought her joy to settle for what she thought her father wanted for her life. Afterward the session Judy reported feeling more confident in making her own decisions. She had a new love and respect for herself and felt excited to take risks. She found that when talking to her ex and other men in her life that she was much more clear in her presence and vocal commands. A new sense of self worth returned that allowed her to feel free, open, and more in control of her life.