Dragon’s Blood Sessions

From Clearing Parasites & Improving Digestive Health to Purging Toxic Relationships and Past Traumas, Dragon’s Blood sessions are Safe and Powerful ways of Cleansing out Dis-ease and Reclaiming your most Vibrant Health!


Private Dragon’s Blood Healing Sessions

Dragon’s Blood is amazing for clearing stuck energy and stubborn blockages. Coupled with soul retrieval healing, these sessions are deep and transformative, to the core!


Couples Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Sessions

I’m excited to now offer Private Couples Dragon’s Blood Ceremonies for pairs ready to release the baggage, banish the blocks and step deeper into love together. Because couples who UP-Level together, GROW Together! And Dragon’s Blood flushes all the relationship bullshit out! 

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Dragon’s Blood Group Ceremonies

Doing deep healing work in community is a wonderful way to connect, clear and cultivate your power. Join other like-minded humans ready to release the bullshit and step into the next highest vibration in group Dragon’s Blood Ceremonies.

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Thank you so much for the Dragon’s Blood session yesterday. I am honestly so grateful to know you...your work is life changing! I am amazing. I am feeling huge shifts already in how I am in my relationship, and in life! My heart is so open. And I am so clear!
— -Jenna, Hudson Valley, New York
I am back in my body and simply me. It is the most powerful
healing modality I have ever experienced and has truly saved
my life. Pieces of my soul were stuck in the trauma and have now come home. Kristen is so gifted, it defies comprehension. The work she does is so pure, loving and can help anyone.
— Pat, Georgia
Immediately after the soul retrieval, I felt different. I felt a charge dance through me and as if I were really in my body. This was amazing onto itself because along with the depression I felt like I was walking around half a person. I’m no longer a scattered puzzle.
— Anna, Queens
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