Healing Sessions

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic healing practice that taps into the energy, vitality, and power that we've lost over the course of our lives. Let’s admit it, life is hard at times, and we don’t always feel like we can move through certain life events unscathed. Maybe you lost a piece of yourself through a difficult relationship, or maybe through a fight you had with your mom when you were 5. Perhaps you had to close off your heart because you didn’t feel seen as a kid, or maybe you were shaken from an accident that left you feeling a little empty or fuzzy. In psychotherapy we call this disassociation. In shamanism we call this soul loss. Regardless of the trauma, we’ve all some aspect of soul loss and soul retrieval can bring back a sense of confidence, wholeness, brightness, vitality, joy, presence, and hope. Lost parts of the self can be identified and brought back to the body, without the reintroduction of the trauma that caused them to leave. Each soul part brings back a gift, a unique helpful role that allows us to restore our power and move forward in a positive way.

Soul loss creates voids in our energy bodies. Voids we may feel inclined to fill with relationships, shopping, sex, substances, exercise, distraction, etc. None of these things will adequately fill these voids because what you are missing is you. Only your energy can complete and satiate that need within. Consequently, these voids can be filled energetically with illness, cycles of circumstances (abandonment, domestic abuse, inability to stand our ground) and may perpetuate behaviors and thought patterns that do not serve our highest good. Through shamanic healing work your energy and vitality can be restored, old habits broken, and you can be on your path to living a more abundant, holistic life.

Other Shamanic services offered include:

  • Extraction
  • Entity Clearing
  • Cord Cutting
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Shamanic Journeywork
  • Crystal Healing
  • Past-Life Healing

All sessions are approximately 90 minutes long and include a combination of the above techniques.

NOTE: Best results occur when you're committed to yourself and this work which is why I suggest scheduling at least 3 sessions over the course of 3-6 months. You wouldn't expect to have all of your concerns healed after just one meeting with a therapist, one session with an acupuncturist or one day of taking an herbal supplement. With that being said, some people do experience major breakthroughs after one session, but I highly recommend investing in yourself and your healing journey, and following any recommendations and follow-up exercises in full.

The Shamanatrix Healing Packages

Single Soul Retrieval/Clearing Session (90 minutes)

In Person $225

Long Distance via Skype/Phone $200

The session begins with an intention consultation and includes a combination of soul retrieval, energetic clearing, extraction/entity clearing, ancestral healing, past life healing, crystal healing, chakra balancing in whatever balance is appropriate for each individual.

  • Available in person and long distance via phone/Skype
  • Great for gifts! ...Must be used within 90 days of purchase.

The Commit to Yo-Self Package:  3 Session Soul Retrieval/Clearing Package 

In Person: $600 ($75 savings)

All Sessions Long Distance: $550 ($50 savings)

Feel re-energized and empowered on a deep emotional/spiritual level. If you feel stuck or caught up in old outdated patterns, this 3 session package is just for you to help you break through to an abundant and joyful life!

  • Includes 3 in person or long distance shamanic healing sessions (Must be used within a 6-month period)
  • Each session begins with an intention consultation and includes a combination of soul retrieval, energetic clearing, extraction/entity clearing, ancestral healing, past life healing, crystal healing, chakra balancing in whatever balance is appropriate for each individual for each session.
  • NOTE: The 3rd session will be offered long distance via phone/Skype


Shamanic Astrology Sessions $350 (2 hours)

This powerful session combines shamanic healing with an astrological reading of your natal chart and current transits (or transits during a challenging time you'd like to dig into). The session begins with a 30 minute astrology reading, which sheds light onto themes in your personal blueprint that you'd like to dig deeper into with shamanic healing work.

  • Includes an initial consultation and intention setting for the session
  • A 30 minute astrology reading of your natal chart and transits
  • A combination shamanic healing including soul retrieval, energetic clearing, extraction/entity clearing, ancestral healing, past life healing, and chakra balancing in whatever balance is appropriate.
  • An audio recording of your reading and healing synopsis for the session
  • Only offered long distance through phone/Skype

NEW!  Healing and Balancing Your Chakras - Lifetime Access Healing Session: $97

This is a powerful, 90 minute, self-guided shamanic healing session to revitalize, heal and balance each chakra.

Chakras are the energetic vortices in our bodies that allow our energy to be balanced, give us focus and momentum and help us move forward in our power. When your chakras are free and clear, energy can flow throughout your body and your energetic centers can communicate effectively with one another. Manifestation of your desires, communication, self-confidence, creativity and inspiration can flow through you easily and you can get much more done and feel happy and balanced.

That's why I created this Chakra Balancing and Healing session so that together we can go into each of your chakras, find and clear imbalances and get your energy flowing through your body mind and spirit like never before!

Get lifetime access to the Healing and Balancing your Chakras Session HERE now!

AcuSpirit Sessions $350

AcuSpirit treatments combine the healing of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine with core shamanic healing techniques to address body, mind and spirit in one session! Acupuncture has been used for centuries to nourish and balance the energies of the body while shamanic practices have been used to address the roots of mental, emotional, and physical concerns. Together, these modalities holistically support each client’s individual needs. William J Kaplanidis, MA, MS,L.Ac., licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, and Kristen Boyer combine their best work to support all levels of healing in every AcuSpirit session.

Baby Blessing Ceremony (2 hours) $400

What better way to welcome a new child into the world than with a shamanic baby blessing! In this pre/post "birthing ceremony" we welcome the child's spirit into the world with a shamanic ceremony. In this session we connect with the child's spirit, learn what their gifts and talents are, discover their personal power animals and spirit guides, and assist in clearing out any residual traumas that they may have experienced in utero. For example, if the preparing family has undergone any kind of family, financial or birthing stress we can retrieve the parts of the child's soul that have become stuck or left the body because they were influenced by situational stress. This is fairly common (and I find this in much of my work with adults who have lost soul parts in utero). The healing ceremony works to recover their power for the strongest foundation for your family's wonderful new beginning. We also look into the karmic relationship between the child, parents and siblings to see why the spirit has "chosen" to come into a specific family orientation.

  • Includes an initial consultation in the beginning of the session
  • Session can be done towards the end of the 3rd trimester or within 3 months of the birth of the child
  • Sessions can be done in office, long distance or a house call can be arranged (at an additional cost)
  • Makes a wonderful baby shower gift!

Sacred Union Blessing (2 hours) $500

Engaged? Getting married? Then this sacred union blessing is perfect for you! During this blessing ceremony we clear out energies from old attachments and former partners, bring back parts of the soul that have been given away (or taken) during previous romantic partnerships and clear the energy for new romantic beginnings for both partners. This scared ceremony is a wonderful tool for creating a fresh slate, deepening romantic connections and opening up the romantic partnership to deepened levels of passion and success!

  • Each session begins with an intention consultation and includes a combination of cord cutting, soul retrieval, energetic clearing, extraction/entity clearing, past life healing in whatever balance is appropriate for the couple
  • Sessions can be done in person or long distance via Skype
  • Makes a wonderful wedding gift!

End of Life Transition Ritual (for a group of 5 living family members/loved ones) Starting at $1,000

As part of the cycle of life, death and rebirth we experience loss when we lose a loved one. This End of Life Transition Ritual serves to help the spirit of your loved one fully cross over to the afterlife, as well as provide healing for those family members left behind in the wake of the loss. Together, we create a ceremony to assist your loved one in reclaiming lost parts of their soul (soul retrieval) and we help their healed soul to transition and find peace. We also address soul loss and bring healing (and soul retrieval!) to the departed's closest loved ones and family members. This ritual serves to assist the family in honoring their lost loved one as well as assisting them in moving forward in a positive and empowering way.

  • Each session includes soul retrieval and the crossing over of the deceased
  • Family members will have the opportunity to connect with their lost loved one, share their final words, and assist in the co-creation of the healing ceremony
  • Family members will receive a channeling to and from the deceased to assist with the closure process
  • Family members will each receive a healing in relation to the loss of their loved one. More than 5 loved ones can be accommodated at an additional cost and arrangement
  • The End of Life Transition Ritual can be done for any faith or religious background and is co-created by the practitioner and the family