Healing Sessions

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic healing practice that taps into the energy, vitality, and power that we've lost over the course of our lives. Let’s admit it, life is hard at times, and we don’t always feel like we can move through certain life events unscathed. Maybe you lost a piece of yourself through a difficult relationship, or maybe through a fight you had with your mom when you were 5. Perhaps you had to close off your heart because you didn’t feel seen as a kid, or maybe you were shaken from an accident that left you feeling a little empty or fuzzy. In psychotherapy we call this disassociation. In shamanism we call this soul loss. Regardless of the trauma, we’ve all some aspect of soul loss and soul retrieval can bring back a sense of confidence, wholeness, brightness, vitality, joy, presence, and hope. Lost parts of the self can be identified and brought back to the body, without the reintroduction of the trauma that caused them to leave. Each soul part brings back a gift, a unique helpful role that allows us to restore our power and move forward in a positive way.

Soul loss creates voids in our energy bodies. Voids we may feel inclined to fill with relationships, shopping, sex, substances, exercise, distraction, etc. None of these things will adequately fill these voids because what you are missing is you. Only your energy can complete and satiate that need within. Consequently, these voids can be filled energetically with illness, cycles of circumstances (abandonment, domestic abuse, inability to stand our ground) and may perpetuate behaviors and thought patterns that do not serve our highest good. Through shamanic healing work your energy and vitality can be restored, old habits broken, and you can be on your path to living a more abundant, holistic life.

Other Shamanic services offered include:

  • Extraction
  • Entity Clearing
  • Cord Cutting
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Shamanic Journeywork
  • Crystal Healing
  • Past-Life Healing

All sessions are approximately 90 minutes long and include a combination of the above techniques.

NOTE: Best results occur when you're committed to yourself and this work which is why I suggest scheduling at least 3 sessions. You wouldn't expect to have all of your concerns healed after just one meeting with a therapist, one session with an acupuncturist or one day of taking an herbal supplement. With that being said, some people do experience major breakthroughs after one session, but I highly recommend investing in yourself and your healing journey, and following any recommendations and follow-up exercises in full.