How to Clear and Empower Yourself From Parasites

In my last blog post on The Miraculous Healing Properties of Dragons Blood I spilled the beans about my favorite go-to healing plant, Dragon's Blood, and what it's good for! You can see the video where I talked about the benefits of dragons blood HERE.

And today I'm going to share with you how I'm offering it to my clients in a sacred way...
Check out this video i just did on it!

Have you ever been depressed, battled with energetic ‘stuckness’, or felt like something’s been holding you back from feeling happy and free?
I know I’ve definitely felt that way before. In fact, the last time I felt some weird unseen layer of energetic blockage inside me, I decided to sit in ceremony with Dragon’s Blood. Every time I meditated into what I could do to release this depressive energy sitting on me, preventing me from taking positive action in my business and with my vision, the message kept coming to “put your medicine where your mouth is.”
It was clear to me that it was time to sit with Dragon’s Blood.
Usually I only use Dragon’s Blood when I’m sick with physical parasites and need that extra boost of help, but I work with a nutritionist who routinely tests me for parasites and knew I was in the clear. But I knew there was something important about sitting with this highly medicinal sap to clear out the energetic parasite I was carrying, which was blocking me from really stepping into my fullest power.
Physical parasites are a natural part of our ecosystem. You can get them from food (raw fish, meat, unwashed raw greens), from other people you share utensils, glasses, housing and bathrooms with (your partner, your mother, your father, your roommate), from animals (most pets that haven’t been treated for parasites usually are carrying them and can give them to you when you clean their poop, get licked in the face), and from touching silverware, doorknobs, railings and other things contaminated individuals have touched with unwashed hands. They’re in the water in many foreign countries and are all over the place. They’re impossible to avoid!
Energetic parasites also exist inside and around us. It’s not uncommon for people to pick up negative energies, bad spirits, and negative vibes, especially after trauma (a hard breakup, a fight, an accident, a childhood trauma). When we’ve been through something hard and have experienced some level of heartache or soul loss, it leaves us especially vulnerable to negative energetic parasites that find their way in, see where we’re wounded and feed off of the negative feelings we’re experiencing. These types of negative energies can cause depression, rage, self-sabotage, jealousy, apathy, and feed off layers of feelings we have about our wounds.
But we don’t have to let these parasites feed off of our life force. We don’t have to stay sick, depressed, stuck, and enslaved.
We can choose our power, our freedom, and our life force.
And Dragon’s Blood teaches us how.
The day I was called to sit with Dragon’s Blood again I was desperate for something to shift. I was battling a self-sabotaging stuckness, I was feeling hopeless and I was tired of feeling blocked, readying for a f*cking breakthrough.
Just as I’d already learned in the jungle, Dragon’s Blood reminded me to choose my life and take back my power. It reminded me to choose myself and to stand in my power to take back my health and all of my energy from anything sapping it.
When entering into Dragon’s Blood ceremony you drink the blood resin and follow it with several pitchers of water. In ceremonial administration it’s used as purgative to help you release all parasites from your body. As you do, you may feel flushed, maybe even sweaty and feverish for a few minutes, but you also begin to feel lighter, liberated, and clean as you purge out toxins. And not in the I just vomited so of course I feel better way…
You feel better in the, holy shit I just vomited up a nasty energetic demon, kind of way.
And I’ll tell you, it’s happened every time I’ve done this kind of Dragon’s Blood ceremony, EVEN the times when I didn’t have any physical parasites present in my system.
And the last time I did this, that nasty, sluggish, energetic blockage lifted that’d been self-sabotaging me and holding me back from breaking through in my life and in my work.
As I’ve worked one-on-one with clients in my healing work, I’ve watched old energetic blockages flee the body as my clients are purging. I’ve seen negative patterning from parents release, negative self talk and mind bullies leave, and I’ve seen my clients regain their light and power after letting go of what no longer served them.
Here’s what John from Brooklyn, NY had to say about his work with Dragon’s Blood:
Before I decided to do the Dragons Blood session I was focused on being physically fit and in shape for my outward appearance but neglecting to address my diet. I was blissfully unaware of the fact that most people are prone to having parasites even if they seem healthy. In my search to find the best route to take to purge the parasites that I had, I came across Kristen’s research on Dragons Blood and its amazing medicinal uses! In short, I wanted to get to the source of my parasites without a long struggle with a diet routine that would be effective but time consuming. 
During my private session I was able to concentrate on letting the medicine do the work. Not eating prior was fine and I didn’t feel hungry until after my stomach was able to settle. Purging the parasites was the easy part. In two separate sessions I was able to clear out the parasites that I had as well as the offspring that were left after the first session. You have to do both!
After I was finished with each session I was able to feel energized and not crave the foods that fed the parasites. Working with Kristen was a great experience and I’m grateful that she was able to keep me well informed on the process at each step of the way! I would highly recommend her to anyone serious about healing their body from the inside out!

Join me for my sacred (Shipibo style) Dragon’s Blood Ceremonies to Assist in Clearing both Physical and Energetic Parasites in these half-day workshops.

We'll be meeting in a small circle and working through a mutli-level process of healing both energetic and physical parasites. You'll learn more about the benefits of working with Dragon's Blood for clearing and receive the medicine in a very safe and cozy container. You'll also be led on a shamanic journey to retrieve your power from parasitic energies.

Circles run from 11:30am-5pm in Brooklyn, NY and you'll want to bring a water bottle, yoga mat, notebook and pen and make sure to dress in layers. A light meal will be served afterwards and you'll have plenty of time to rest and recover after the circle.
Next Circle Dates will be announced for the Fall of 2018 (Spring Circles just closed but we had some great cleaning sessions!)
**Note: This is a 2-part medicine for clearing physical parasites out of the body. For a physical parasites treatment to be effective one must participate in 2 ceremonies 7 days apart. This ensures you kill both the adult parasites and the offspring of their eggs. You’ll feel better longer, I promise!

Dragon’s Blood is a good spring and autumn medicine, aligned with peak times for humans to clear out toxins and parasites in many ancient traditions. The next dates I’ll be offering Dragon’s Blood Ceremony are listed on my website along with some basic health forms and deposits required to reserve your seat  in the next workshop. Workshops are kept small so spaces are limited.

Workshops are kept small so spaces are limited. To reserve your seat please complete this health form to participate in the next upcoming healing circle. and make a deposit to secure your seat.

Energy Exchange $125 for each workshop
Deposit to reserve your seat is $75 and you can sent payment HERE.

I truly look forward to helping you clear the way for your power to shine through!
Not sure whether you have parasites of not? Then keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s email where I’ll be talking about the symptoms of parasites to see if you’ve got em.
With love and support for all aspects of your journey,
The Shamanatrix,
Kristen Von Foxx

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Initiation by the Plants

2005-01-01 12.00.36.jpg


Today I want to share a bit about my sacred plant medicine journeys into the realm of the plants in 2014 which feels like lifetimes ago by now...

I haven't talked about my training with the plants too much, in fact, I didn't have the courage to share about the wonderful jungle medicines I discovered years ago and have been working with until recently, when the spirit of one plant in particular asked me to work with it more deeply and share it with YOU (which is kinda a big deal...because THIS PLANT IS SEEKING YOU...)

I just shared a video about it in my Facebook Group Re-Ignite Your Inner Light with Soul Retrieval...which you should totally join if you haven't already!

Here's the story...

I was first introduced to the highly medicinal resin from Dragon’s Blood in 2014 during my studies with the Shipibo people, the indigenous tribal peoples of the Amazon Jungle outside of a remote village a few hours travel (via car and then jungle hike) outside of Iquitos, Peru.
I’d been working with plant medicine shamans for a few years and kept being led, sycnhronistically to shamanic students and practitioners who’d learned from Don Miguel and Don Enrique from this particular village in Peru. And it somehow felt as though the plants from the jungle were calling me to the rainforest, more than the indigenous peoples themselves. So upon invitation from one of my teachers, I embarked on what would later prove to become one of my most challenging journeys—and most rewarding—that I’d ever been on.
And of course it coincided with the peak of my Saturn’s Return, a challenging planetary transit that happens for all humans between 28-30, so it’s no surprise that this journey into the realm of the plants would prove to be so challenging. But not without great reward.
I worked with a myriad of plants there, from poisonous beans that made me go blind and required quick wit and me to binge drink water to expel their toxins (and parasites!) to plants that would visit you in your dreams in spirit form and bring you in connection with your divine purpose and light. And while most of the other students on our journey sat with a few medicinal plants in between days of relaxation and meditation, the shamans warned me that my training would be different…more intense…and require more medicine than the other travelers on our journey.
Because I was the most sick. And I needed the deepest treatment while I was there.
I’ll never forget that meeting I had with Don Enrique and what he said to me.
“You’re different then the others,” he said. “You have a special relationship with the spirits of the plants. You can see them and you can talk to them. You have a gift to work very deeply here.”
And so my plant medicine initiation began. And it sure as hell wasn’t easy. Some of the medicines literally kicked my ass and I was flattened out on the maloka floor for days on end, unable to sleep, eat, or stand. I remember the laughter of the rest of the group outside who opted out of some of the more difficult medicines, the same ones I took 3 times because that’s what the shaman had prescribed to me.
While I was wide open from these experiences a woman on the retreat who had some drama with my ex-boyfriend verbally attacked me and put a curse on me that took years to unravel, and came with it’s own plethora of lessons I later realized my soul had contracted into learning. I’m grateful because these same lessons inspired me to learn and share energy protection methods with others and create an online course to help others lift curses, clear their energy and learn easy and effective methods for protecting themselves throughout all situations (Check out my free online training for How to Protect Your Energy here).
And by the end of the trip Don Miguel, one of the Shipibo shamans, offered me several gifts from the plants and sat me down for a heart-to-heart discussion.
“It’s very clear that you’re a curandera (the indigenous term for a female plant medicine shaman) and you have to power to help many people. I feel the spirits of the people in North America where you live who are very sick who need your help. They need these medicines and many of them are too sick to come to the jungle. They will never make it here so you have to bring it to them.”
With that Don Miguel handed me bottles of medicine.
“This is a gift,” he said. “For the people need these medicines and you are their carrier. Bring the medicines to the people.”
Then he reached into his pocket and brought out a wooden ring, crafted from one of their most sacred plants, the flying tree called Noya Rao and he put it on my wedding ring finger.
“It’s a gift,” he said. “Because I see who you are and that you are a curandera. I know one when I see one,” he said with a smile as he gifted me the plants.


It took me many years to be open to these messages. When I got home I worked with the medicines. I shared them with some of the people closest to me, and many of them were very difficult to work with outside of the jungle.
North America, and New York City in particular, are not always conducive to the energy of the plants. And many of them can be tough on the organ systems, and difficult to integrate in such an energetic, bustling city.
But out of the many medicines I was given, and some that I bought from the center, there was one medicine that stood the test of time. One medicine that I found I’d go back to time and time again…even while I was living in Brooklyn…
Stay tuned for my next blog post to learn what this one, versatile, safe, medicine was.

Until next time!


Kristen Von Foxx

Welcome to 2018 Winter Eclipse Season

Eclipse Season! Astrology! Shamanic Journeying! Palm Reading! Oh my...

Well, damn....

Eclipse Season is officially here! Can you feel it? Did yesterday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (+Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Super Moon) have you facing BIG internal and external shifts? Did any unexpected events occur or did some old stories rise to the surface to be reviewed and released?

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How to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

Our minds are meant to gather information, break down thoughts, and rationalize information flowing to us through all our senses. And our minds are marvelous tools that help us organize and process data, but it's easy to get caught up in the thinking mind, or the "monkey mind" as I like to call it. And this can unfortunately cause us to dial down our other senses and ignore some of our most powerful tools, like the power of our heart.

Our heart is one of our greatest assets because, when accessed, we can determine what is truth and what is in alignment with us. But many of us forget that our heart can "see" and "think". In fact, shamanic communities around the world have been using the energy of the heart to see into other realms and bring through guidance and wisdom.

In fact, you may be surprised to find that when you pose a question to the mind, you get a totally different answer than when you ask your heart. Don't believe me? Then try this easy mediation to listen in to what your heart has to say!

Try this easy technique to de-stress and get out of your head and into your heart! It’s amazing how different life can feel, and how easy it can be to get clear intuitive answers about what’s best for you when you are grounded and centered in your heart!


How I Became The Shamanatrix

Sometimes you just have to get real.
Tell the truth.
Be at your most vulnerable so you can be the most real version of yourself possible.
Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone so you can step into your power and step into the best version of yourself possible.
Own your shadow. Embrace your light.
Today I just did the scariest and most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever done or dreamed of doing. I put myself out there on YouTube, telling my story of who I am, how I got here, and why I’m so passionate about what I do.
And I got real.
This was incredibly hard for me because I know how controversial and dark some of my story is. Maybe you already know some of my story and my colorful past, maybe that’s why we’re connected now, or maybe you have no idea who I was or what I went through to get here.
But at the end of the day—my shadowy past, and my unique experiences I’ve had along the road of life—are the reason I’m doing this shamanic healing work. And for all it, I am eternally grateful.
For the last year I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create a new platform for sharing the same shamanic tools that have given me purpose, power, and a second chance at life.
I’ve been working on rebranding and re-launching as “The Shamanatrix” because I’m ready to own every aspect of my self, my story and my purpose, and because I want to offer you even more tools to reclaim your power and your life.
Because YOU’RE worth it. Every little bit of you. Every smidgen. Every freckle. Every flaw. Because you are your own closest ally. Especially when you embrace every bit of your self, whether you like all of those parts or not.
See, we all have shadow and sometimes we run from our past, our traumas, our stories and we intentionally disown some part of our self that could actually be our most powerful part. But that usually just causes more pain, self-splitting and sadness.
And it’s these wounds that want our love, acceptance and attention so we can truly heal them and embrace them for the wisdom and power they contain.
So today I want to challenge you to give a little bit more love to yourself.
All of yourself.
Especially the parts that maybe you don’t usually value, nurture or nourish. I want you to cut yourself a break and be gentle and easy on that part of yourself. And I want you to embrace it with everything you’ve got. And thank this part of yourself for existing, for showing up as a powerful teacher.
And then I want you to listen. And see what beautiful message this part of you has for yourself. Because I bet you there’s loads of wisdom in that little part of yourself. And sometimes we’ve got to get real with ourselves to get at it.
But I guarantee there’s a message there for you.
And that it’s gold, and that if you embrace it, accept it and love it exactly as is, that you’ll begin to love yourself more and become even more awesomely powerful than you already are.
So will you do that for me?
Will you do that for you?
I hope you do. Because I want to see you shine, my friend. I really do.
And I want you to check out my story of how I became The Shamanatrix. Because I’m ready to get real with you. And because I want to continue this dialogue and offer you a ton of free meditations, journeys, and information about shamanic healing because I want you to have all the tools possible to be in your power and shine your radiant light.
Because you’re worth it.
So make sure to subscribe to my channel to learn more! I’ll be offering free videos on my new YouTube Channel, The Shamanatrix Corner, every two weeks. You won't wanna miss any of it…I promise.

How I Became the Shamanatrix
Big hugs and high fives for embracing all of your fantastic self! Magic until next time,
Kristen Boyer
The Shamanatrix

Strengthening the Solar Plexus

Woohoo! It’s Springtime and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling this super fun, fiery Aries flow this week because so many wonderful things are going on like an awesome chakra Webinar and my YouTube Channel launch!
Briana and I have been working hard on our chakras for the last month, putting together an awesome Healing Through the Chakras Course and we’re getting geared up for our next Webinar THIS Wednesday, April, 5th.


(LIVE Webinar, 1.5 CE's) Healing the Solar Plexus

Mindfulness and Creative Arts Therapies

LIVE Webinar: April 5th, 2017 @ 8pm

Applicable for self help and mental health professionals.

(1.5 Live event, continuing education contact hours for LCATs in New York State.)

At the inner core of each of us spin wheel-like energy centers or vortices. These energy centers are referred to as "chakras" and each one reflects an aspect of our inner and outer experience, as well as the degree of consciousness we have around those experiences.

When these chakras are in balance they are able to integrate mind, body, and spirit. They help us organize our life force energy, and provide a powerful tool for mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical growth. But when they are out of balance, we may find ourselves continually stuck in old patterns, unable to evolve or break free.

Do you ever find yourself struggling with...

Standing in your power/standing up for what is right?

Delegating tasks and keeping organized?

Feeling like you are ‘enough’?

If so, you may be struggling with Solar Plexus imbalances.


These beliefs include three common myths:

"If I just had more_______then I could…" Whatever you have isn’t good enough.

"I’m not the expert, I’ll let someone else who knows more, with more experience than me to take charge."

"If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." Being strong means that I have to do everything on my own.

But are these myths true, or simply the product of limiting beliefs?


In this course, the Shamanatrix, Kristen Boyer MPS, HC and Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT, will explore mindfulness-based practices in treatment, using the Solar Plexus as a frame for understanding the impact of energetic imbalances in the body. We will explore how these imbalances create limiting beliefs that perpetuate unhealthy patterns of living and loving, in adulthood.

Additionally, we debunk the above myths by exploring the the following truths:

Once you surrender to yourself, the doors will open for you.

You are just as worthy and as powerful as anyone else is! No one in the world has the same vibration, perspective and set of experiences as you do.

Being strong includes the ability to identify your needs and receive support from others.

After this webinar you will be able to…

  • Name the shadow aspect of the Solar Plexus.
  • Identify three “truths” about working with Solar Plexus.
  • Identify at least two observable behaviors of someone experiencing Solar Plexus imbalances.
  • Implement guided meditation and art making in working with Solar Plexus imbalances.

You will also receive…

  • A Guided meditation for the Solar Plexus
  • An outline of the presentation
  • Handouts to assist with working on Solar Plexus imbalances, in practice
  • A Free introductory Lecture to all 7 Chakras
  • A Free Introductory Guided meditation to all 7 Chakras

This will be a live webinar event, open to questions, comments and discussion with participants.

Make sure to log on because we’ll also be giving you access to a free introduction for our upcoming live mastermind Course, Healing Through the Chakras this summer! Score!
Make sure to join in for our live Webinar tomorrow at 8pm EST

And then stay tuned for this Thursday when I’ll finally be launching my exciting new YouTube Channel, The Shamanatrix Corner. I’ve literally been slaving away at this project for over a year and I’m excited to share with you my first video this Thursday at 5pm. So keep your eyes peeled for my next email when I’ll be sharing the link with you and sharing my personal story and mission statement about the channel. I seriously can;t wait to share it with you!

Big hugs and Springtime love!

The Shamanatrix